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2021 TOTS TOURNAMENT RESULTS Friday June 11th/Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th June Nelson Hockey Association

 Friday  June 11th 
1930 – Turf 1Tasman White 3vFederal 1Men’s
1930 – Turf 2Waimai 4vTasman Black 1Men’s
 Saturday June 12th 
1015-Turf 2Big Dawgs 3vTasman 1Pool A- Women’s
1015-Turf 1Tasman White 3vWaimai 2Men’s
1100-Turf 2Blackbirds 0vWaimai 7Pool B-Women’s
1100-Turf 1Tasman Black 1vGreymouth 2Men’s
1145-Turf 2Tasman 1vArotea 3Pool A- Women’s
1145-Turf 1Karoro 2vBeawai 1Men’s
1230-Turf  2Kiwi 1vBarbarians 0Pool B- Women’s
1230-Turf 1Federal 4vWaimai 2Men’s
1315-Turf 2Big Dawgs 1vGreymouth 1Pool A- Women’s
1315-Turf 1Tasman Black 0VTasman White 1Men’s
1400-Turf 2Barbarians 0vWaimai 2Pool B-Women’s
1400-Turf 1Karoro 2vGreymouth 0Men’s
1445-Turf 2Arotea 4vBig Dawgs 0Pool A- Women’s
1445-Turf 1Tasman Black 1vKaroro 1Men’s
1530-Turf 2Kiwi 5vBlackbirds 0Pool B-Women’s
1530-Turf 1Beawai 1vWaimai 0Men’s
1615-Turf 2Tasman 0vGreymouth 1Pool A- Women’s
1615-Turf 1Federal 2vTasman Black 1Men’s
1700-Turf 2Barbarians 2vBlackbirds 0Pool B-Women’s
1700-Turf 1Tasman White 5vBeawai 0Men’s
1745-Turf 2Arotea 2vGreymouth 1Pool A- Women’s
1745-Turf 1Waimai 2vGreymouth 1Men’s
1830-Turf 2Waimai 3vKiwi 2Pool B-Women’s
1830-Turf 1Beawai 3vFederal 2Men’s
 Sunday June 13th 
1015-Turf 14th Pool A Tasman 4v4th Pool B BlackBirds 0Women’s
1015-Turf 2Waimai 1vKaroro 0Men’s
1100-Turf 13rd Pool A Big Dawgs 2v3rd Pool B Barbarians 0Women’s
1100-Turf 2Greymouth 0vTasman White 3Men’s
1145 – Turf 1 Semi 11st pool A Arotea 4v2nd pool B Kiwi 0Women’s
1145-Turf 2Tasman Black 0vBeawai 1Men’s
1230 – Turf 1 Semi 21st Pool B Waimai 3v2nd Pool A Greymouth 0Women’s
1230-Turf 2Greymouth 0vFederal 3Men’s
1315-Turf 2Tasman White 3vKaroro 0Men’s
1400-Turf 1 FinalWinner SF 1 Arotea 2vWinner SF 2 Waimai 2Women’s
1400-Turf 2Greymouth 1vBeawai 1Men’s
1445- Turf 2Karoro 0vFederal 2Men’s
1530-Final Turf 1 Tasman White 1 v Federal 1Men’s
Pool A – Women’sMen’s Teams
Big DawgsGreymouth
TasmanTasman Black
Tasman White
Pool B-Women’sKaroro
KiwiWaimai United

WOMEN’s: AROTEA keep the Shield as they are current holders.

MEN’s: TASMAN WHITE keep the Shield as they are current holders.

On behalf of NHA whanau we would like to express our big thanks to all TOTS Clubs, Umpires, Players, Coaches & Managers for a great weekend of hockey 🏑 .

Also we would like to send Diane, George, Helen, Gerard and their staff our big thanks as well for all their work during this long weekend.

Thank you to everyone.!

We’ll see you all again in 2022!

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