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2023 NHA Summer Social League Draw-(Week 3) November 8th

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50 Shades of Pink v The Boys 18:00
We’re Stoked v Pick-Up Sticks 18:00
Garin Hostel v 50 Shades of Pink 18:35
Ages & Stages v The Stick Ups 18:35
NGC rocks v Pick-Up Sticks 19:10
The Boys v Stingers 19:10
Garin Hostel v Stingers 19:45
NGC rocks v The Stick Ups 19:45
Ages & Stages v We’re Stoked 19:45
Team Team Time
Cam’s Kids v The Mismatched Bunch 18:00
Stoke v Hard Wooden Sticks 18:00
Cam’s Kids v Diva Dolz 18:35
Test Eagles v Stoke 18:35
The Mismatched Bunch v Hard Wooden Sticks 19:10
X v Test Eagles 19:10
Diva Dolz v X 19:45


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