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NHSP Board Representatives

"Hockey Nelson is again seeking expressions of interest from anyone keento represent the hockey community on the Management Board of NelsonHockey Softball Pavilion.  The Pavilion is a huge asset to the communityand we're looking for people who can step up…

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The planning continues for 2021 We hope everyone is safe and that life is returning to some sort of normalcy. Our Golden Oldies World Hockey Festival is proceeding as planned for a fantastic event in the sporting capital of the…

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2020 NHA CLUB COMPETITION DRAW-ROUND 4-(Continued) 20th/26th JULY

P1 WOMENScore Score DAYTIMETURFTasman Black V Federal BlackWED 22/0706:301P2 MENScore Score DAYTIMETURFFederal  V StokeTHUR 23/0806:451P2 WOMEN Score Score DAYTIMETURFFederal Firebirds V TasmanWED 22/0706:302DIV 4 MEN & WOMENScoreScore DAYTIMETURFTasman Garin (2)  V Federal Phoenix GirlsFRI 24/0705:001Waimai United Red V Tasman GirlsFRI 24/0705:002Tasman Garin (1) V Federal BoysFRI 24/0706:151Tasman White V Tasman BlackFRI 24/0706:152Round 3DIV 5 MIXEDScoreScore DAYTIMETURFStoke V Federal BoysWED 22/0705:001Waimai United  V Federal GirlsWED 22/0705:002

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    AN UPDATE FOR HOCKEY ASSOCIATIONS   This weeks’ Association Newsletter includes details around the New Coaching Resource, Community Engagement Information as well as the venue for the 2021 National Masters.    BALANCE IS BETTER NATIONAL SPORT SEASON GUIDELINES…

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2020 NHA Club Competition-Round 4 Draw-(18-19/07)

Duty Club:Rewa P1 MEN  DAYTIMETURFStokeVTasman BlackSAT 18/0701:152Waimai United (1)VWaimai United (NC) SAT 18/0703:002Tasman WhiteVFederalSAT 18/0704:452      P1 WOMEN  DAYTIMETURFFederal BlackVTasman WhiteSAT 18/0701:001Waimai UnitedVFederal RedSAT 18/0702:451      P2 MEN  DAYTIMETURFTasman VWaimai UnitedSUN 19/0701:152Tasman EndeavoursVFederal SUN 19/0703:002      P2 WOMEN   DAYTIMETURFWaima United (P2)VTasmanSUN 19/0701:001Waimai United (P3)VRewaSUN 19/0702:451

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2020 NHA Club Competition Round 3-Results-(29/06-05/07)

Duty Club: Waimai United P1 MENScore Score DAYTIMETURFWaimai United (1) 1V2FederalSAT 04/0701:001Tasman Black2V2Tasman WhiteSAT 04/0702:451Waimai United (NC)0V5StokeSAT 04/0704:301        P1 WOMENScore Score DAYTIMETURFFederal Red4V3Federal BlackWED 01/0706:301Tasman White 3V3Waimai UnitedSAT 04/0701:152Tasman Black3V5Federal RedSAT 04/0703:002        P2 MENScore Score DAYTIMETURFWaimai United0V7StokeTHUR 02/0706:301Stoke2V3Tasman EndeavoursSUN 05/0701:001Tasman7V1FederalSUN 05/0702:451        P2 WOMEN Score Score DAYTIMETURFRewa 5V1TasmanTHUR 02/0706:302Federal Firebirds0V2RewaSUN 05/0701:152Waimai United (P3) 0V2Waimai United (P2) SUN 05/0703:002DIV…

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