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This is an opportunity to be involved in a fun filled day playing sport and making new friends.

Trying new sports at a young age can help students with;

  • Fundamental Skills – Kick, Catch, Pass, Jump, Strike
  • Health – Increasing physical activity
  • Confidence – Improving skills helps keep kids more active
  • Environment – Having the opportunity to try new sports and learn new skills in a comfortable environment (within the school grounds)
  • Social¬† – Chance to meet new friends

Our Junior Programmes:

Kindie Sticks (3 & 4 Years Old: Fundamental skill games) – 45mins

Fun Sticks (Year 1 & 2: Fun skill games, learn basics of hockey with some competition games) – 45 min

Mini Sticks (Year 3 & 4:6 a side competition, 20 min skills development & 40 min game) – 60 min

Kiwi Sticks (Year 5 & 8:8 a side competition, half field game. 20 min skills development & 40 min game) – 60 min

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2018 Nelson Junior Summer Hockey Programme

Starts: Tuesday 13th February Where: Saxton Field Hockey Turfs

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