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SOCIAL HOCKEY Round 1-October 31st 06:00 PM-7:30 PM

2018 Senior Social Competition Term 4

Pool A
1 Mary Poppins
2 Zack’s Pack & Luke the Snack
3 Black Hawks
4 Frogfish
5 Fam-Bam
6 Wakatu Women
7 Allsorts
8 Chicks with Sticks

6.00pm Turf 2A 31-Oct
Allsorts vs Zack’s Pack & Luke the Snack

6.00pm Turf 2B 31-Oct
Wakatu Women vs Black Hawks

6.30pm Turf 2A 31-Oct
Fam-Bam vs Frogfish

7.30pm Turf 2A 31-Oct
Mary Poppins vs Chicks with Sticks

Pool B
1 NYP Sticks
2 Half Asleep
3 Not Fast Just Furious
4 Rewa Masters
5 Pink Panthers
6 Mighty Ducks
7 Nayland “Not Athletic”
8 Lights Out

6.30pm Turf 2B 31-Oct
Pink Panthers vs Rewa Masters

7.00pm Turf 2A 31-Oct
Nayland “Not Athletic” vs Half Asleep

7.00pm Turf 2B 31-Oct
Mighty Ducks vs Not Fast Just Furious

7.30pm Turf 2B 31-Oct
NYP Sticks vs Lights Out

We have had one last late team entry into the competition so please find attached the updated draw. Affected Pool is Pool B. (Note: there are 2 tabs for Pool A and Pool B). There will be NO more teams entered this year into the Social Senior Hockey competition.

Wednesday Social Season Format:
• Game times 6:00pm, 6:30pm, 7:00pm or 7:30pm
• Players of all levels
• 8 aside
• Played on 1/2 turf
• No Goalkeepers or Kicking Fullbacks
• Round Robin competition (3 pts=WIN, 1 pt=DRAW, 0 pts=LOSS)
• Only Turf 2 is being used due to Turf 1 replacement (please do not warm up or go on Turf 1)
• 2A is the half closest to the main entrance, 2B is the half closest to the softball fields
• 15 minute halves, no HT

• You will need to self-umpire your games and ensure the score is recorded and handed back in after your game.
• Those teams playing the first games will need to set up fields prior to first game (move goals and put out boards)
• Those teams playing the last games will need to move goals (to the end or side) and boards (against inside turf fence) to their rightful places

Your help and cooperation in this will be much appreciated, and you only need to do this once over the 7 weeks!
“Many hands make light work!” – John Heywood

Nga mihi,

Tamara Dudley

Regional Development Manager
Nelson Hockey Association

We’ll see you all this upcoming WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 31st!
Have a great week!👍🤗🏑


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