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2021 NHA SUMMER SOCIAL HOCKEY Draw Thursday November 17th

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17-11-21GabeVHot Sticks18:00NH: NH1a
17-11-21The LeftoversVOnes To Watch18:00NH: NH1b
17-11-21Rolling SubsVJune’s Aces18:00NH: NH2a
17-11-21RenegadesVDenied18:00NH: NH2b
17-11-21RewaVThe Stick Ups18:35NH: NH1a
17-11-21WanderersVISO Only 2318:35NH: NH1b
17-11-21GabeVOnes To Watch18:35NH: NH2a
17-11-21Hot SticksVJune’s Aces18:35NH: NH2b
17-11-21The LeftoversVDenied19:10NH: NH1a
17-11-21Rolling SubsVThe Stick Ups19:10NH: NH1b
17-11-21RenegadesVISO Only 2319:10NH: NH2a
17-11-21RewaVWanderers19:10NH: NH2b


Week 5Set Up 1:The LeftoversSet Up 2:Rolling Subs Pack Down 1:Denied

We’ll see you all this upcoming Thursday November 17th!

Have a great weekend!

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