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2020 NHA TOPS TOURNAMENT-Draw(July 24th/25th & 26)

2020 TOTS Club Hockey Tournament Men’s Draw
Friday 24th of July 2020
19.30pm1Waimai United (1)VsWaimai United (NC) 
20.15pm2Tasman WhiteVsTasman Black 
Saturday 25th of July 2020
11.00am1StokeVsTasman White 
11.45am2Greymouth VsFederal 
12.30pm2Tasman BlackVsArotea Kiwi (M) 
13.15pm1Waimai United (1)VsFederal 
14.00pm1Arotea KiwiVsStoke 
14.45pm2Waimai United (NC)VsGreymouth (M) 
15.30pm2Tasman WhiteVsArotea Kiwi (M) 
16.15pm1Waimai United (1)VsGreymouth (M) 
17.00pm1Stoke VsTasman Black 
17.45pm2FederalVsWaimai United (NC) 
18.45pm1Pool A #3VsPool B #4
18.45pm2Pool B #4VsPool A #3 
Sunday 26th of July 2020
9.30am1Pool A #1VsPool B #2 
9.30am2Pool B #1VsPool A #2 
11.45pm21st Vs2nd 
2020 TOTS Club Hockey Tournament Women’s Draw
Friday 24th of July 2020
19.30pm2TasmanVsFederal J Wilson/J Rushbrooke
Saturday 25th of July 2020
11.00am2FederalVsGreymouthJ Wilson/J Rushbrooke
11.45am1Arotea KiwiVsBullerD Morrisey/Greymouth (w) 
12.30pm1Tasman VsGreymouthD Morrisey/ Buller
13.15pm2Arotea KiwiVsFederalBuller / J Wilson
14.00pm2Buller VsGreymouthJ Rushbrooke / D Morrisey
14.45pm1Arotea KiwiVsTasmanGreymouth (w)/Buller
15.30pm1FederalVsBullerD Morrisey/ Greymouth
16.15pm2Arotea KiwiVsGreymouthBuller / J Wilson
17.00pm2Buller VsTasmanGreymouth (w) / J Rushbrooke
Sunday 26th of July 2020
10.30am13rd and 4th play offsVs  
11.15am11st and 2nd Play offsVs  


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