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NHA-ALERT LEVEL 2 Information.


COVID-19 Alert Level 2 — Reduce
Under Alert Level 2 the disease is contained, but there is still a risk of community transmission. The objective of these guidelines
is to minimise the risk of transmission of the virus, and to be able to rapidly track and isolate any cases that may arise.
Subject to the range of public health measures outlined below, play, active recreation and sport can resume under level 2. This includes contact team sports
and physical activities only if good contact tracing is possible and hygiene measures, particularly washing and drying of hands, and regular sanitising of
equipment and surfaces are in place. Make sure you know (or can identify) anyone who is participating in your activity, including players, officials and
spectators/supporters, in case someone gets sick.
Public health measures
• Gatherings must be restricted to a maximum of 100 people (both indoor and outdoor facilities).
• A system to record and retain the contact details of all people involved in, or attending, your activity must be in place to enable contact tracing
should it be required. This information should be accessible at all times for contact tracing purposes up to 4 weeks after the contact was recorded.
• Surfaces and equipment must be regularly cleaned and disinfected where practicable.
• Good personal hygiene practices should continue – wash and dry your hands before and after activities, cough into elbow and don’t touch your face.
• Stay home if you’re sick and do not take part in sport or recreation if you have flu-like symptoms, self-isolate at home and get tested immediately.
• Physical distancing of 2 metres should be maintained wherever possible, especially from people that you don’t know. It is recognised that contact
during physical activity will occur, but this should be minimised as much as possible, especially off the field of play.
• People at high risk of severe illness from COIVD-19 (particularly older people and those with existing medical conditions) should take additional
precautions when undertaking physical activity. [Add MoH advice link]
• Business premises (e.g. cafes/bars in club rooms, or pro shops) can be open for staff and customers provided that they meet the relevant workplace
• Travel should be done safely to reduce the possibility of transmission and spread of the virus.


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