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07:30 am

As you may know we just started the replace process for our Turf 1.

Polytan ,( provider Company for the turf replacement), informed NHA that in the past, they have utilised volunteers through clubs or rep teams to assist with the pull up of existing fields.

They typically provide two guys there to operate machines (small excavator and forklift) and utilise labourers (normally 6-10) to assist with rolling up the rolls and cutting them so they can be removed from the field.

This process typically takes two days (although with a good group of labourers we have done it in a day before).

Polytan then pay the club/team a sponsorship donation of $4,000.

Polytan will provide a health and safety brief and high-vis vests for labourers as well as some beers and pizzas upon completion.

It’s a great way of putting some money back to the clubs who will be using the new turf.

At this stage we are planning on pulling up the existing field on Saturday the 27th of October starting at 07:30 am. If we can get 10 volunteers to work a full day its likely we will get it knocked over in the day but it would be a long day – from 7am to 6pm.

NHA would like to offer this opportunity to our NHA Clubs so each one could provide 2 members and can generate for each Club $ 800 ( 5 Clubs x $ 800 for each Club=$ 4,000).

I really appreciated if you can confirm and send to NHA the names of your volunteers if your Club will be interested in this offer ASAP .

Please don’t hesitate in contact NELSON HOCKEY ASSOCIATION for any extra information you may need.

[email protected]

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Have a great day,


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