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General Information

Boys will be playing 11 aside full turf. Girls will be playing 6 aside half turf.

Normal hockey rules apply to both boys & girls. 25 minute halves with 5 minute half time. There will be approximately 15 minutes between each game.

Games will start and stop on the hooter. Game cards will be maintained by centre dugout All cards will be timed by centre dugout.


11 Boys Nelson Vs Marlborough
12.15 Boys West Coast Vs Buller
1.30 Girls Buller Vs West Coast Red
1.30 Girls West Coast White Vs Marlborough

4.00 Boys Marlborough Vs West Coast
5.15 Boys Buller Vs Nelson
6.30 Girls Buller Vs West Coat White
6.30 Girls West Coast Red Vs Marlborough

9.00 Boys Marlborough Vs Buller
10.15 Boys Nelson Vs West Coast
11.30 Girls Buller Vs Marlborough
11.30 Girls West Coast Red Vs West Coast White

Game Ball

Please deliver these to centre dugout before first game, labelled with team name. These can be collected back after final game on Sunday.

Turf Fees

Boys will pay $30 per team per game. Marlborough, Nelson, Buller & West Coast will pay $90 each.

Girls will pay $20 per team per game. West Coast Red, West Coast White, Marlborough, Buller will pay $60 each.

First Aid

There will be a trained first aider on site during all games in the centre dugout. Ice will be in the centre dugout as well.


There is a charge of $25 per game for all teams that haven’t provided an umpire.

Boys – Marlborough & Nelson $75 each.
Girls – West Coast & Marlborough $75 each.

This is to be paid to the centre dugout in cash please in an envelope with team name on it so the local umpires can be paid.


Can the holders of both trophies please bring them to centre dugout on Saturday. Presentation to new winners will happen after last game on Sunday. If fine outside, if wet inside in the Holcim Room.


Will be given to teams when game balls are handed in to centre dugout.

Tournament Controller

Kim Mclaughlin will be tournament controller – 0274 445004
Carol Fitzsimmons (Fitzy) will be umpire controller
Annie Parkin will be first aid

All 3 of us will be available at all times during games in the centre dugout


The installation of the LED Lighting is our top priority. Help us to achieve our dream. Donate today. Thank You!

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Contact our Office

Saxtons Field Hockey Stadium
125/139 Saxton Rd, Stoke, Nelson

Phone: 03 547 9988
Email: [email protected]

Contact our Head Team

Fabian Amor – NHA OPM
Phone: 027 655 8411
Email: [email protected]

Lauren Hutton – NHA RDM
Phone: 021 058 8604
Email: [email protected]

General Information

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